2010 National Slam Competition– St Paul, MN

Your Empire MindState Slam team arrived safely in St. Paul, Minnesota this week to represent us at the national slam poetry competition. Tuesday we battled Salt City Slam (Salt Lake City, UT), Toronto Poetry Slam, and Writing Wrongs (Columbus, OH). After a fierce round of poetry, YOUR Empire Mindstate slam team, placed FIRST PLACE in our first bout!!! IE Stand UP!!!

Wednesday we went back to battle, and this time against some heavy hitters, but we’re used to the IE being the underdog, so we went in no holds barred, all heart! It was hell of a battle!! You truly would have been proud of your poets. In a battle with Palatine Poetry Slam, Soap Boxing (St. Paul, MN–home team), and Team Dallas….we ended up finishing third.

Day three of the slam we await the outcome of many slams, fingers crossed, prayers said, we may still make it to the next round with our first place finish!! We will definitely keep you posted family!!

Up to date bout results and details are also available at the National Poetry Slam Website. Check out our blogroll for the link!

Also please continue to send your well wishes to our fellow Southern Californians out here battling with us to bring the crown back to Cali!!

Much love to the Brass Knuckles and San Diego Slam Team!

Its time to spill blood again. Till next time…..


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