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LionLike MindState | Returns to Pomona. No Filter

LIONLIKE MINDSTATE returns to Pomona with a new Monthly Open Mic!                                           Proudly producing Art and Culture for the Community of the Inland Empire                           and beyond Since 2008.

The 4th Saturday of every Month thru Summer in Collaboration with Authentix Shoe Boutique and Elev8d Intelekts Radio. We provide the Vibe and Time and Space. Hosted by the Indelible, Judah 1. Beats provided by Elev8d Intelekts, Cesill Fielder and BlockCity. 

Open Mic | Sign Up at the Door. 

Speak your Word | Sing your Song | Share your Story 

25% off All Store Merch (Shoes, Clothing, Accessories) except New and Limited Releases exclusively for our Guests. 

ONLY $5 

email. for inquiries

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our Current State of MindAffairs.

Coffee & POETS: POMONA at Authentix Shoe Boutique in Downtown Pomona in the Arts Colony has been pretty awesome so far. Our first we featured Beleaf of the DreamJunkies and The BREAX. Our second show we featured, rather we we’re blessed to hear from BessKepp, Co-Founder and Host of A Mic and Dim Lights, Pomona and HBO DEF POET.

Yes, we are still joined with Elev8d Intelekts Radio and every show is recorded…soon to be released.

Every 4th Saturday (EXCEPT APRIL)
at Authentix Shoe Boutique 250 W. 3rd St., Pomona, Ca
Coffee Provided by n7 Creamery
Cost: $7 (includes coffee)
Time: 8pm – 10:30

Did we Mention all of our guests get an exclusive 25% of the Store?


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change IS Consistent . LionLike Updates.

Its been a very fast paced year since our last show in Pomona as the LionLike MindState Community. Machine Pomona (our Headquarters) closed its doors for the final time on July 19th 2014. Not counted as a loss but as another phase of growth as Judah to had step away to take some time with his new daughter, June 2014. Treesje Powers our Co-Host was soon to follow with the birth her son, Feb, 2015. LionLike MindState still operates as the Resident Open Mic at Cal Poly Pomona in Collaboration with The African American Student Center of Cal Poly Pomona.

Beginning new cycles and opening new doors in 2015, a new Collaboration between LionLike MindState and The Depot Open Mic. Taking up residence at the welcoming arms of the N7 Creamery at the illustrious Victoria Gardens Mall in the City of Rancho Cucamonga. A bi-weekly social experiment aka Another Open Mic called COFFEE & POETS. Beginning January 2nd we’ve had some pretty stellar open mics with new raw talent and Poets who’ve never had the opportunity to share in public presented. We give thanks for the increase, we do. Catch us every Third Thursday at the N7 Creamery in the Victoria Gardens at 7pm. Cost is $7. All info at

n7 Creamery – 7880 KEW AVE, Rancho Cucamonga, 91739..