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11 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Brown Fang Thump

    It’s been a while since I’ve logged in to your site ( and now I’m confused. I was redirected to this wordpress blog easily enough; but, the “April 2, 2008” that appears at the top of the page makes me feel like this venue is defunct. I live out near Riverside and don’t want to drive out to Pomona (Da Arts venue) or Chino (Crash Lounge venue) without knowing that I’ve got the right place. I can’t tell what’s really going on. I see lots of references to 2010 on this blog, but can’t tell if their generated by code or a writer. The various references to Lionlike and Empire Mindstates is also confusing.

    Is anybody there?

    Can you clear up my confusion?

    1. judah1poet

      you are in the right place…wordpress proved to be more accessible to the team and now we all can upload LionLike things

    2. amreed08 Post author

      We are definitely alive and kicking!! We’ve got a dope show tonight in fact. Our feature is Gina Loring. A Def Poet alum who has worked with some of the dopest people you can think of! From Mos Def to Questlove! We are no longer at the Crash Lounge in Chino. We are in downtown Pomona at the da Center for the arts at 252 Main St. & April 2, 2008 was our first show. Sorry for the confusion were still working on the Word Press transition. Hope to see you tonight!!
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      1. Kym

        OMG I finally stumbled across the flyer for you guys…. Man I moved from the IE and lost any hopes of ever locating your web site…What’s on the menue for 2011..
        I don’t see any up coming events. Hollah at your gyrl..I will take the drive just to here those LIOLIKEMINDSTATE folks any time…

      2. amreed08 Post author

        Hi Kym,

        Thank you for working so hard to keep in touch with us. 2010 brought a lot of changes but 2011 we’ve been coming back stronger than ever! We have open mics every first and third Wednesdays just like before, with an ocassional special show. This Wednesday we actually have an extremley special show planned that is guarunteed to be dope! Here’s the info, hope to see you there!

        Hosted by:: David Judah Oliver

        Location:: Pangaea at the Claremont Packing House

        Description:: Wanted to do something different because thats LionLike.
        So we have a night of Poetry and Music along with food! Drinks will also be available.
        Show is
        $10.00 cost includes food
        seating is super limited so come early!

        Tshaka is visiting from London for a few days and wanted to get it in with you at LionLike but he came too late. So we pulled some strings and put together one helluva night of poetry and music.

        Kevin SandBloom needs no introduction but if he did you could just ask your neighbor about the babies they made on accident to his music.

        Marcus Love says this is gonna be his best show eva! Coming with some covers and original songs.

        Seth Walker is on tour right now. He’s awesome.

    1. amreed08 Post author

      Wednesday February 2nd @ 9pm at our current home, the dA Center for the Arts, 252 S. Main St, Pomona. Hope to see you there!

    1. judah1poet

      yes, we are at Machine Pomona Art Gallery in Downtown pomona. 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. 9pm. $5donation

  2. Nancy

    Hi, my name is Nancy Davong and I work for Biola University’s Associated Students. As the multi-cultural relations chair, I am planning a Poetry Lounge on March 30, 2012 at 7:00 pm on campus. Is Judah1 or any other poets involved with this team available to share some spoken word poetry with the students at Biola?

    Please email me at or give me a call 760.705.0598.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


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