Can anyone get up to perform?
Yes! On open mic nights it is open to anyone and everyone.  We encourage new poets come come and share their art with the world for the first time at LionLike.  The list usually fills up by 9:15, so come early to ensure a performance slot.  All are welcome.

Can I perform my 15 minute spoken word piece?
No.  Yes, we believe you — I am sure it is good, and everywhere you go people cry when you perform it.  We have a 4 minute time limit on the open mic here at LionLike.

I’m not a poet, can I still come?
Yes!  Come and enjoy a night of amazing art.

But I don’t like poetry.
That’s not a question.  But in response, you probably haven’t experienced spoken word poetry like this.  If you’ve never been to a spoken word venue, give it a try.

What time are most shows over?
We work hard to end our evenings by 11:15pm.  We know you have PHY137 at 8:00 am on Thursday morning — stay as long as you want to, leave when you need to.

What’s the deal with cookies and milk?
We like cookies and milk.  Deal with it!

Does everyone go out and do something afterwards?
Why yes, I am glad you asked.  We usually find a place to go grab dinner or coffee.  Stay posted for where we will be.

What is 25% of my $4.00 going to?
25% goes to local I.E. charities.  See the Art Gives Back page for specifics, or to recommend a good charity in the I.E.

What does I.E. stand for?
(sigh) Inland Empire

I wanna feature, what do I do?
See Judah1 after a show.  You gotta be really good though 🙂

I wanna do some visual arts during the evening, what do I do?
Bring your sketch book, canvas, pencil, paint, etc and we’ll find you a spot.

Is the artwork for sale?
Individual artists are welcome to sell their pieces at their own price.  House paintings are available for purchase.  Ask for Nathan at one of the shows for prices and availability.

Are there more of these spoken word venues around?
We are proud to be connected to a lot of great venues in the area.  A few of these are Urbane Culture (Ontario) and A Mic and Dim Lights (Pomona).  Go support your local artists!  Now!  I mean it — get up and go enjoy some art somewhere.

Is LionLike a church?
Nope.  Unless you mean the First Church of Spoken Word, then yes we are.  Some of us are connected to a community of faith called Mosaic.  Check them out at mosaic.org


6 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Cheryl


    I work for a nonprofit literary organization called Poets & Writers, Inc. A while ago I was talking to Natalie Patterson about spoken word venues in Southern California and she mentioned A LionLike MindState, so I wanted to introduce myself.

    We have a small grant program that helps to provide honoraria for featured performers at literary events. If you’re interested, you can get more info at http://www.pw.org/funding. I would love it if someone from your organization could get in touch with me (my email is cklein[at]pw.org).

    Thanks, and I look forward to visiting the website as it grows!


    Cheryl Klein

    Director, California Office and Readings/Workshops (West)
    Poets & Writers, Inc.

    1. amreed08

      This sounds amazing. I will make sure we discuss this at our next meeting and I will get the information over to Judah ASAP. Thank you!

  2. Sarah Bibbó


    My name is Sarah Bibbo and am a working visual and performing artist. I am really interested in your venue. I have been searching to join a Poetry Slam Inc. Slam team for awhile. I was wondering if you held auditions for Slam Team Positions or submissions for art. I have provided my website to give you an idea of my visual art and would love to present some performing art to you as well. Thanks for your help, I look forward to your response.

    My Best,
    Sarah Bibbo

    1. judah1poet Post author

      Hi Sarah, this is Judah 1. LionLike will not be sending another team to the National Poetry Slam. I have more than a few other ventures that all gonna swallow all my time for the time being and cannot dedicate the time to such an endeavor this year. But please, please, PLEASE come to LionLike and share your story, the gift that is you and your art.
      Judah 1

  3. Kabir

    Wuts up,

    I’m lookn for a place to hear other peoples spoken word…share my own..maybe be apart of a team to compete in poetry slams one day….you think you can help me figure out how to do tht?

    Im really interested in coming to check yall out…when is the next show?

    1. amreed08

      Sorry for the delay Kabir. Our shows are every first and third Wednesday with the next one on February 2nd, 2011 at 9pm at the dA Center for the Arts, 252 S. Main Street, Pomona.


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